STREET FOOTBALL SERBIA – TOTAL PROJECT RESULTS September 1st, 2013 – August 1st, 2014

•    Hosting cities - 11

•    Schools - 92

•    Competitors - 1280

•    Participants of exhibition matches - 750

•    Workshop participants – 430

•    The total number of animated children – 7.600

•    Football balls donated to schools - 372

•    T-Shirts and caps given to most successful participants - 572

•    Educational brochures – over 7.000

In cooperation with the Football Association of Serbia, we were realizing the project My School- My Club and went to 92 schools. Physical Education teachers were given 372 football balls in total which were partially provided by our sponsors and partially by the Football Association of Serbia. We have also promoted the project “The Beauty of the Game” by including girls in teams in every city, and even having the completely female teams.

In cooperation with The Internal Affairs Ministry of Republic of Serbia, we have realized the project “I Love Life – How About You?” We organized workshops near football fields where children draw themes against drugs, alcohol, violence, non-diversity, and similar, and the best works were promoted and awarded. Together with the Internal Affairs Ministry we have given 572 T-shirts and caps, as well as over 7.000 educational brochures.

There was also a huge support from the organization BALKAN FARE, that have given us organizational support, but also helped us gather around children of different religions, cultures and nationalities, and send the message that we are all equal and that we all have the same right to the game.

We hired professional animators who are experienced in working with children, because we thought it very important to have the message sent to these children done in the right way. Besides the football matches, the animators also organized parties in the field, and the best dancers were awarded there. They also organized some other additional programs.