Street Football Serbia

Street Football Balkan is a project of people who happily remember the time when all you needed for a true joy were just a street, four stones, and a half-flat ball. The pleasure that the game gives cannot be forgotten. It exhibits a man as a social and emotional being. Today we have an opportunity to present to the youth a part of that unforgettable joy of socializing and playing, but by doing it in a contemporary manner. Organizing tournaments with modern courts, with qualified referees, and with accompanying services, where all competition participants will be safe, will have only one goal – to have lots of fun and to learn something. It wants to focus on the young and on their needs for practicing sports. Besides the basic and school sport, the amateur and recreational sport are also very important, because we can all feel the joy of play no matter what is the level of professionalism.

Street Football Balkan is an idea that promotes the game itself as an inevitable and necessary activity of us all. It also reminds us that there is an incomparably higher number of people who live for football than those who earn their living from it. That is an idea which observes football from different aspects, trying to present even those most meticulous details of the game that conquered the whole world. Football, a global phenomena and a game that has conquered the whole world, is made of small things we are going to try to reveal and present in the light they deserve. We are certain that they are not only connected to sheer professionalism, but to the sports impression that all participants get, whether they are players in the court or audience in the stand. Street Football Serbia points out those primal values of football by which it was defined as the most important by-thing in the world.

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