O nama

"SPORTIKUL" the Serbian non-governmental organization, which was created as a result of years of work and commitment of a large number of devoted fans of football in our country in the fight against racism, nationalism and all forms of discrimination in football and in sport in general.
Sportikul  is official FARE partner for Serbia and one of the founders of BalkanFare.


Promotion and development of sport, culture, arts, education, environment, economy and civil society in Serbia and representation, advocacy and support organizations and programs listed above segments in the world;

Creating the conditions for the exercise and protection of top sports and cultural values​​;

Encouraging diversity in culture;

Aiding the development of sport and culture in the population of Roma and other minorities in Serbia;

Creating the conditions for the exercise of cultural identity people of different ethnic backgrounds;

Care about the sport and cultural development of the country;

Creating the conditions for a fair sport and cultural development in the country;

Affirmation of Sports and Culture of the Republic of Serbia in the world;

Organizing lectures, seminars, courses, organization of study tours, exchange of students, student representatives and professionals in partner organizations, educational institutions and organizations in the world;

Gathering information about all sports, cultural and artistic events in the country and the world, as well as competitions, festivals, courses, competitions, presentations and their presentation and display of interested institutions and individuals;

Development of sport and culture through programs for the development of sports facilities, cultural centers, film and theater halls and other sporting, cultural and artistic institutions in Serbia;

Presentation of Serbian tradition, culture and art in the world;

Preparation and organization of sporting events, theater performances, exhibitions, tours and personal activities at home and abroad;

Programs for the development of educational institutions;

Programs for the development of sport;

Development of Ecology and project organization for the protection of the environment;

Development of the economy through the preparation and presentation of seminars for new medicaments in management, marketing, finding new markets;

Development and support of youth organizations in the country and their representation in the world;

Development of villages and rural areas;

Help anyone who has it needs to;

Cooperation with similar organizationsin country and abroad;

Ostvarivanje međunarodne saradnje i realizacija konkretnih projekata sa srodnim
organizacijama na Balkanu, Evropi i svetu;

Participation in national and international conferences, congresses, courses,
seminars and symposia relevant to the work of the Association;

Enrollment in the Balkan, European and international organizations and networks;

Implementation of the program and the project on the Balkan, European and global character of the country.